Frequently Asked Questions
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We have a Facebook page but it doesn't do anything for us. What should we do?

We get it. Most businesses have setup a Facebook page. Maybe even tried posting a few times. You're treating your Facebook page as a customer service channel, and that's totally fine. But it can be a lead generation system as well. Facebook can find you new customers. Choose the Start Here program and try it out.

Should I hire an in-house Social Media Manager?

ROI Internet IS your Social Media Manager. In fact, it's like having 5 social media managers working for you around the clock creating industry-leading, social media content. Your Social Expert will design and build your campaigns for you.

Even though it's like having 5 social media managers, the cost is less than just one.

What if I don't have a Facebook Business Page?

We'll set it up for you. If you're on our Growth or Leads plans or you signed up for the annual Start Here plan we'll setup your business page for you. If you've just signed up with the monthly Start Here plan it's just $99 for us to build your page. This includes the cover image, the page structure as well as all the content (images, videos, descriptions), links and call to action buttons.

What about Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin?

We use all the networks that are relevant to your business. If we're posting something on Facebook, we also post it to twitter and send a link back to Facebook. We set it all up like a machine so that it works to get you the best possible exposure. Also, our prices are all inclusive, so we don't charge more or less to add or remove social networks.

How much does it cost?

Our Start Here program is just $60/month on the annual plan or $99/month on the monthly plan.

Our Growth program depends on the number of followers we're finding for your business, contact us for a quote.

Our Leads program builds your business, contact us for a quote.

Which payment methods do you accept?

When you first signup with us we use online payments by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. Subsequent payment methods include etransfer, direct debit, credit card and cheques.
Our Lead Experts can build a pipeline of hot prospects for you. With out lead programs, we goto work on social media platforms building you a sales funnel of prospects. You sit back and watch prospects come to you.